ETSU Services

Trust our pharmacy for a number of services we are expert in, prescriptions, refills, transfers, educational webinars, generics, health supplements, and many more. You can rely on ETSU for safe, high-quality, and efficient care.

Exceptional Care

As a friend of your health, ETSU can provide you with necessary and responsive care whenever you need it. Our team members work around the clock to ensure you have enough refills, or you understand the instructions regarding one or another medication. 

Your Information Source

Our pharmacists are knowledgeable about the drug administration. They can guide you through available and efficient pharmaceutical products in the market. And, recommend what is worth your efforts and money, and what is better to substitute with analogs. ETSU makes sure you take the right dosages and choose correct strengths.

Educational Helper

We have experience programs, career opportunities, and various educational materials to boost your awareness of the pharma industry or improve your knowledge in terms of practicing strategies and tactics. We have monthly webinars dedicated to the latest innovations or news in this industry. And, we would like to invite everyone who might be concerned without exception.

Best Offers

Generics, Generics, and one more time Generics. We understand how it is important to save money on remedies, especially when you have a specific health condition. After reviewing the market, we came up with the idea that most of the brand analogs are distributed at exorbitant prices only because of one ingredient, coloring, or packaging. It is ridiculous. ETSU has a wide assortment of generics, health supplements, vitamins, and women or hygienic products.

Besides, we provide Talk to Our Pharmacist option, RX transfer and refills, medication flavoring, flu shots, vaccines, custom packaging, and local with international deliveries. Use our online refill request services, and get everything done in a few moments only.

As for prescription medications, we offer low prices that are affected by constant discounts, hot deals, and promotions. So, do not be surprised to come across once that your drug costs twice less.