ETSU Pharmacy encourages partners to join our researches of the pharmaceutical market and industry. We strive to study the aspects that will allow us to deliver exceptional services and care. The same our team is eager to involve manufacturers and suppliers of products for further assessment. We regularly organize researches aimed to find out the efficiency and safety of medications we distribute. Thus, if any of the parties is interested in such activities, it can join our discussion groups.

Besides, ETSU radically works on researching the online market that, in turn, helps us to understand and meet customers’ demands. The previous years were prolific in terms of terminating the cooperation with many suppliers who distribute fake drugs or the items with poor validation assessment. 

Finally, we work on researching the needs of both urban and rural areas where people struggle to have access to remedies without paying exorbitant prices. If you have any propositions regarding your community, you can address them to our team. 

After such measures, we can positively establish the standard of prices that will help our clients enjoy discounts and special offers.