ETSU Pharmacy Programs

Our facility is not only considered a reliable source of pharmaceutical products but a golden ticket to learning more about healthcare, and pharma care. Our dedicated experts who share 40 years of combined experience serving people designated a program that prepares future pharmacists to provide skilled, ethical, and compassionate patient care in our company or other establishments. In the latter option, one can gain necessary knowledge about steps of service or boost the proficiency regarding the drug administration. The following curriculum is provided through webinars, meetings, and conferences with professionals. The topics are based on partners’ and visitors’ demand for March 2020. 

  • Patient Care: How to Say No To Customers Who Don’t Have Prescriptions?
  • Professional Behavior of Pharmacists, and Essential Tips to Climb the Career Ladder;
  • Drug Administration Rules in the US;
  • Advanced Training for Professionals;
  • Innovations in Pharmaceutical Care;
  • Resource Management.

The courses take place monthly, however, the information regarding the dates is subject to change. Admission is free but the targeted audience is the employees of pharma sectors, students or graduates. You should have free access to the Internet, and fill in our Questionnaire that will be used only for statistics and attending purposes.

Please, feel free to send your inquiries to our email, or call our toll-free number to get to know more about upcoming classes. Otherwise, stay tuned to our news, and we will post the information on the exact dates. Keep in touch!