Our team shares 40 years of combined experience serving people and delivering exceptional pharmaceutical care. As on 2020, we have a few departments that bear certain responsibilities to ensure users of our website, buyers of our products, and partners are satisfied with the results.

Morgan Bratt. Our CEO, and a person who founded ETSU pharmacy. He was occupied as a pharmaceutical and analytical expert in the medical industry. He gathered knowledge in the production of high-quality medications, in particular, generics for boosting male and women sexual health. As of now, he leads the pharmacy and establishes standards to meet any person’s expectations. 

Dr. Mary Osten. She is our leading pharmacist, who knows inside out of the manufacturing processes of medications, and distribution matters. After graduating from the High Medical School, she started working for an international pharmaceutical company in Europe, where she gained skills in qualitative pharma care. When she came to ETSU, she established the standards regarding the safety of drug administration. Today, Mary is the one who controls that buyers get only exclusive, reliable, and affordable medications.

Colin Hook. Our mastermind in terms of educational programs. He takes care of webinars, conferences, and discussions aimed to boost knowledge of advanced pharmacists, and graduates who would like to pursue their careers in Telemedicine. The same he is involved in our charitable activity and organizes visits to people with special needs or those with low-paying capacities.

Alma Troom. She is our expert regarding your online experience. After graduating from IT university, she served as an intern in many soft-developing companies specializing in healthcare and pharmaceutical technologies. Nowadays, she supervises the level of delivering services and care through our website. And, she makes sure any bugs or related issues while surfing our website are prevented or fixed immediately.

Mark Spencer. Our customer support team leader. Whenever you refer any inquiries to our email, he is the one who helps you to get the answer within a short period. 

Finally, we have many graduates who are now ongoing their internship with us, and who in the nearest future may join our team to provide you with excellent pharma products and services.