Why ETSU Pharmacy?

Our pharmacy complies with a few pillars that differentiate us from other distributors of pharmaceutical care. ETSU is Equal Treatment, Service, Understanding. However, the most important aspect is that we work and share around-the-clock the awareness of people with different paying capacities about top-notch but affordable treatments. We do not compete with others, we cooperate with them to establish a formula for success. Thus, we always welcome communication and feedback from any client. 

Quality of Care

We have high-quality standards regarding the distribution of pharmaceutical products that undergo strict examination and tests. Only authentic drugs, and all the supporting licenses, and documentation from the manufacturers.

Fast Response

You contact us at any time possible, and we will do our best to meet your expectations within a few minutes only. For your convenience, you can also find a designated online chat, where one of our pharmacists is ready to answer the most bothering questions you have.

Advanced Training

We are not focused on learning only, we have a program that is aimed to teach others. Drug administration, Service for Future Pharmacists, and Actual Trends or News in healthcare are one of the topics actively discussed at our webinars.

Unique Mission

Only a comprehensive and progressive understanding of clients’ needs allowing us to improve healthcare in the urban and rural communities.

Additional Information

  • History of ETSU Pharmacy
  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • Advanced Training Programs
  • Accreditations