ETSU Ambassadors

Lauren Pall

My name is Lauren, and I am from Toronto. I graduated from the High Medical School in Canada and obtained a degree in pharmaceutical engineering. After that, I moved to the USA for an internship. Since then, I joined the ETSU pharmacy to promote qualitative pharma products. And, in 2019 I became an ambassador of this company. Together with my colleagues, we work on educating people with low-paying capacities on how to have remedies at their hands whenever they need them and without throwing money down the drain.

Michael Lens

My name is Michael, and I am from Malta. Once I was transferred to the USA for advanced training in a pharmaceutical company, I understood that I love serving and communicating with people more than sitting from 9 to 5 in office. There are so many things ETSU helped me to achieve regarding my career opportunities. And, as of now, I am an ambassador of this brand in terms of educational and charity programs. Our team is diverse, and we do our best to transmit information to people’s ear that qualitative care is affordable, and that it is never too late to gain knowledge.

Mark Cornell

Hi, I am Mark or how my friends call me, Medication-Nerd. I graduated from IT college but after I concentrated on the pharmaceutical industry where I could find out how this business works. After some time, I got to know much information from my colleagues about drug administration, Telemedicine. And, now I can boast enough knowledge about the medication lifecycle. ETSU is the home that I share with my family and friends. And, we daily work on delivering top-notch services to anyone who requires them. I know everything about our Generics, I tested them, and I highly recommend them to you but only if you have previously consulted your doctor.

Liberty Johnson

Hello, I am Liberty. I did my graduate work at Canadian Medical University ten years ago. And, I work for ETSU already for 5 years. My favorite thing about this pharmacy is that our team is very responsible in terms of the quality and safety of products we distribute. We never compromise on these two pillars that let us receive positive feedback from our local and international clients. We have so much planned for 2020, so hurry up to join our experience program. Otherwise, refer to our medications that are safe and time-proven.