RX Transfer and Refill

ETSU Pharmacy is an authorized party for transferring prescriptions upon the request. Those who do not have time visiting the local pharmacy, we can do it for them. From our side, we will require only a few information that will allow us to get authorization for the transfer. After that, the whole procedure will take one or a few days only.

The Required Information:

  • Full name of the patient who was prescribed a certain medication;
  • Name of the prescribed medication, and its strength;
  • Directions/indications for the intake;
  • Full name and address of the prescriber;
  • Manufacturer details of the prescribed medication;
  • Quantity left of the prescribed drug to be dispensed;
  • Dates of the first dispense and the last refill.

Note, we do not accept a photocopy of a prescription because it does not provide us with a true authorization and we cannot refill. 

We charge for a transfer but this service has nothing to do with exorbitant prices but a formality cost. We transfer only from licensed and accredited pharmacies.

Besides, we do not transfer or distribute narcotics or controlled substances. Benzodiazepine can be transferred one time only upon the request and if it is available.