Pharmacy Experience Program

In the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience, students learn under the supervision of a pharmacist in the first 3 years of the curriculum. The three tiered structure (IPPE-P1, IPPE-P2, and IPPE-P3) allows the student to apply didactic information in dynamic real patient care situation. As the student progresses through the program, the IPPE is designed to offer more challenges to the student based on objectives and competencies. As the IPPE progresses, students become more involved in pharmaceutical care and in the operation of the pharmacy.

Preceptors will demonstrate to students how to apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom to daily practice. The IPPE-P1 begins in the first year of the curriculum. Students will be placed in selected hospital and community pharmacies to provide students early and structured exposure to the philosophy and practice of the profession of pharmacy. Students spend approximately 4 hours per week in community pharmacy settings and in institutional pharmacy settings for a total of 80 hours during the first year of the curriculum. During the early part of the IPPE, students spend time role modeling and dialoging with the pharmacist and more senior students, when present.

Students are matched with pharmacy sites by the beginning of each semester of the first year. The student is not permitted to be matched with a faculty preceptor to whom the student is related, or who has been a co-worker or employer of that student in the past. The class schedule is constructed in a manner each semester to allow time for the student to attend the IPPE. Students are not allowed to accept or receive any form of payment, financial or otherwise, for work experience pertaining to this program.

In addition to the time spent at the practice sites, students will participate in an Immunization Certification course and a BLS course. HIPAA, OSHA, and robbery training will also be completed.

In the fall, the course begins with basic instructions on course expectations and recordkeeping. In the spring, the course concludes with 12 hours of symposium in which students deliver a brief media presentation discussing the past year’s experience and “revelation” practice experience moments.
Attendance for all portions of the IPPE is required.