ETSU Experience Program

Together with partners, and local hospitals, ETSU Pharmacy takes an active part in the healthcare of our community or nearby rural areas. There are monthly meetings with dedicated experts in this industry, and professionals from around the world who want to share their experience with us. Our team regularly organizes visits to lower-income families or areas with restricted access to qualitative pharmaceutical care. We provide them with medical boxes for their needs and assist in recommendations regarding various treatments.

Along with that, we provide kids with classes concerning responsible drug administration and promote healthy lifestyles. Among the most popular and important topics, we reveal the truth about negative consequences concerning the intake of controlled substances, and alcohol. And, of course, we share tips on how to live healthily without following a destructive pace of life. 

For a more adult audience, our pharmacists create discussions dedicated to pharmaceutical careers if they are interested in pursuing this occupation. And, we answer all the related questions that explain how telemedicine works and whether it is worth trusting.

Our curriculum for March 2020, encompasses a meeting with homeless people who might require urgent treatment. Our pharmacists will explain the directions where to start from, and speak of the ways of receiving qualitative care without having insurance and paying money.

We understand that medications are not always safe in terms of dosages, and contraindications. So, it is our additional mission to inform potential buyers about how to proceed with intakes, and how to protect oneself from negative outcomes such as side effects.

Last but not the least, we eagerly encourage every person who hesitates about the correct intake of medications to turn to their health care providers or doctors. Such responsibility should be implanted in the minds of youngsters to avoid any kind of abuse or addictions. 

If you have any concerns regarding our experience program, you want to participate in our visits or supply with clothes or food for needy people, contact us through a designated form located in Contact or Admission Pages. Otherwise, please call us. Track the News on this page.