Welcome to ETSU Pharmacy

The ETSU Online Pharmacy welcomes everyone on our official website and invites them to discover opportunities people can have in terms of their health condition. More than 40 years of combined experience of our dedicated experts allowed us to come up with a formula for success. Today, we know how to make expensive medications cheap, and how to convert complicated procedures regarding transfers and refills of prescriptions easy.

Our philosophy and mission stand for our name, ETSU – Equal Treatment, Service, Understanding. So, enjoy that we will be your friends in terms of qualitative care, that we will serve you responsibly without promoting useless drugs, and that we will understand your needs within the shortest period possible.

We daily survey the educational aspect of the pharmaceutical industry, and we come across people apathy toward healthcare. Such irresponsibility brings them to a waste of time, money and of course, health level. With our dedicated programs, we are ready to share knowledge not only with professionals of pharma, but graduates, and individuals who want to know everything just right know.

Our assortment does not limit on brand medications, flu shots, or vaccines. We are proud to distribute tested, time-proven, safe and reliable Generics. Do not trust marketing ploys that they are dangerous, they are good but differ with slight features. Our goods catalog ranges in prices that can change daily but in a positive way. We do not lift them up but affect with discounts, special offers, and hot deals.

Besides, we provide our customers with a unique option of talking to one of our pharmacists who can explain dosages, instructions, indications, contraindications, and most importantly side effects. Some pharmacies tend to hide the latter information because the money matter prevails rationality and responsibility. Our experts insist on them as well as on consultations with one’s doctor or healthcare provider

Last but not least, ETSU can guarantee applicants career opportunities. With us, you do not solely sit in the office answering clients’ questions. You travel, visit conferences, webinars, meetings and exchange your knowledge with other professionals.