Required Steps

Students who are applying for financial assistance at the ETSU Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy must follow the steps outlined below. A hyperlink is provided for each step. Upon completion of each step, you should exit the external website to return to the College of Pharmacy web site.

Step 1 – FAFSA
Admitted students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The ETSU College of Pharmacy Federal School Code (FAFSA number) is E01254. You must use this number for us to receive a copy of your Student Aid Report. Follow this link to complete your application. FAFSA

Step 2 – Federal Direct Loans
All students are required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) in order to apply for any Federal Direct Loan. To complete the Federal Direct Loan MPN, you do so through the Gatton College of Pharmacy Lender’s website.

Step 3 – Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
By federal regulation, before your federal direct loans can be disbursed, you must complete a one-time entrance loan counseling session.  The counseling session provides information about how to manage your student loans, both during and after college and explains your rights as a borrower.  Counseling sessions are available for the Direct Stafford Loan and the Direct Grad PLUS Loan.  Visit the Gatton College of Pharmacy Lenders website and select DL Counseling under Useful Links.

Step 4 – Direct Deposit
Your funds may be directly deposited into your checking account!

This area requires E number and PIN
If you forgot your E number, you can look it up by clicking 
Retrieve E-Number 
Your PIN is initially set to your birthday in MMDDYY format (e.g. February 7, 1971 is 020771).

Click HERE to enter your bank account information so that refunds can be deposited into your account electronically. Then, follow these steps:

– You must use the ID # that starts with E (example – E00012345) and LOGIN

– Click Create a Refund Profile. Under the REFUNDS heading, click Payment Profile

– Under “Add a payment method” Choose “Electronic Check (Checking)”

– Click GO. Enter your account information

– Check the “REFUND OPTION” box

– Click SAVE. The last step requires the last four digits of your ID number (example – E00012345)

To ensure your funds are processed properly, please allow at least 10 days for the ePay process to be completed.

If you choose to receive a paper check instead of having your funds electronically deposited to your account, please be aware that the ETSU Bursar’s Office will mail that check to the mailing address on file with GCOP. It is very important that you keep your contact information updated with the GCOP Office of Admissions and Records. Please note that paper checks will be printed only at certain times during the semester. Direct deposit via ePay is the easiest way to ensure you receive your refund on time.

Step 5 – Exit Loan Counseling upon completion of program or early withdrawal

Before you withdraw, graduate, or drop below half-time attendance (regardless if you plan to transfer to another school), regulations require that you complete an exit counseling session for your Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized), Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal Grad Plus FFELP and Direct Loans. The counseling sessions provide information about how to manage your student loans after college. Please use the following: Exit Counseling Welcome

Questions regarding financial aid for Gatton College of Pharmacy students should be directed to the College’s Office of Financial Aid.

Contact: Angel Kincer, Assistant Director
Phone: 423-439-6238
Location: VA Building 7, Room 216