Frequently Asked Questions

We value everyone’s time regarding surfing our website, for this purpose, ETSU designated a FAQ page. It helps to acknowledge the key questions potential clients, partners, or applicants may come across. 

What Is ETSU?

ETSU Pharmacy is a safe online place to get reliable medications. Our mission stands for our name, it is Equal Treatment, Service, Understanding. We distribute qualitative pharmaceutical care with the main specialization on affordability and generics. And, we have programs for advanced training in pharmacists.

What Drugs Do We Sell?

Mainly, we focus on generics but we have in stock specialty items, hygienic products, vitamins, health supplements. In case, you require a medication not mentioned with us, refer your inquiry to our customer support team. We will do our best to meet your expectations.

What Is Experience Program?

We organize regular meetings, conferences, webinars aimed to boost knowledge in the pharma industry within graduates, partners, and clients. The same, our team dedicate time to people with special needs or low paying capacities who require remedies. 

Will My Insurance Cover ETSU Medications?

Most of the major insurance plans cover the medications. However, you should address this question to your insurance issuer. Only, he can provide you with a list of products eligible for reimbursement with your plan.

Is My Data Safe When Registering or Using Your Website?

We ensure that everyone remains confidential and we keep one’s data safe and protected from any unauthorized access or hacking. Our team encompasses experts in system administration, so you may rest assured knowing any personal information is safe.

Do ETSU Ship Internationally?

Yes, however, it will greatly depend on the country. Please, contact us to confirm the delivery to your location.

How Do You Deliver Medications?

We use either local post services or DHL express for international buyers. 

Will the Medication Ordered Be Suitable for My Health Condition?

We encourage clients to consult their doctors or healthcare providers before ordering any of the medications. Most importantly, they should know the indications and side effects. From our side, we post all information required to understand the purpose of one or another drug, but we cannot be a substitute for real consultation with a dedicated expert.

For more information, contact us.