Partnership with ETSU

Within the last decade, ETSU started welcoming various organizations, the private sector or related to pharmaceutical industry companies for prolific cooperation. We offer terms, conditions, and benefits that will contribute to both parties.

As of now, our main targets with partners are focused on:

  • providing patients with top-notch pharmaceutical care;
  • implementation of pharmacy care plans that address health literacy, cultural diversity, and paying capacities;
  • managing successful services (including marketing and sales of pharma products, Rx transfer, and talk to our pharmacist option) to meet clients’ expectations;
  • providing population-based care, special needs, strategies, and risk-reduction services;
  • establishing educational aspects to boost applicants knowledge about pharma industry or advanced training for professionals;
  • managing individuals complaints, issues, and information craving in terms of products for health;
  • managing drug administration, medication safety, and error reduction programs, researches, studies to optimize negative experience after the application of any products;
  • promoting affordable and efficient analogs to brand medications allowing people to have easy access to treatment of their health conditions;
  • minimizing time spent of a search of appropriate direction in treatment conducted by medications;
  • sharing awareness of potential buyers about dosages, instructions, contraindications, tolerance, possible outcomes, efficiency;
  • dealing with user-friendly experience while using online Telemedicine.

Equal Opportunity Policy

ETSU pharmacy treats any person turning to us equal. Our team does not differentiate people with age, gender, color, race, religion, illnesses, disability,  and sexual orientation. We do not judge people and communicate with everyone to ensure the qualitative delivery of services. In our team, we do have workers who belong to the LGBT community, and we appreciate their rights and beliefs, the same as anyone else.