How Can Online Pharmacies Attract Potential Customers?

Once upon a time, there were no online pharmacies. That is it. Today, following popular demand, there are plenty of reliable services, and they do their best to help people to get fast access to medications, achieve the sales targets, and grab patients’ attention. Some fraudulent websites manipulate men’s disorders by offering the cheapest drugs to treat them. And, some brand new services gradually transit to the application of different discounts to not frighten away potential customers with high costs. The more companies the more ways to upsell.

How many times have you observed online vendors who boast their 99% off sales? Probably a lot, and we bet any person hesitated much about their relevance. For sure, there were thoughts about the expired items, or running very slow remedies that should be distributed as fast as possible. But, it is not always like that. For example, such sales can be connected with seasonal promotions but of course to attract new clients. Halloween is coming? Let the pharmacy organize 90% off sales of all the orange color drugs. Or, if it is New Year, why not to offer medicine box to patients as a present and sell it so affordably like never before. Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Lent or the looming 100th anniversary of Patrice Lumumba are always a good call to remind you who the cheapest retailer is. However, these tricks are cheap, too. This is not to say that seasonal sales are a ploy – it is a well-established tradition to reward customers during the holiday season – these guys keep it pretty low-key and achieve certain sophistication in their approach to spoiling customers. The rest of the promoting frenzy gets quite burlesque at times.

Online Pharmacies

Another story concerns discounts. It is a whole science to generate a discount for a particular remedy. Again, some online pharmacies use a trick to upsell one pill that had been previously returned by the customer for such reasons as the wrong order, or because of the damaged package. Another science is to allocate those discounts on the website. Marketing experts know where to put them, how often, and how to decorate them in the way they are eye-catching.

We prepared an ultimate guide to the most common tricks online pharmacies turn to when it comes to discounts, promotions, and top sales.

Bring Your Friend Get a Discount

Such a hook gained popularity a long time before when it was first applied to the food and beverage sector. There, the main target was to let everyone know about the place and share the feedback with others. The same story applies to online pharmacies but people can save money now. In a restaurant, you get 5% off for the main dish if a friend orders as well. In the pharmacy when your friend buys any drug, you get up to 20% off for any medication. Unlike pharmacy services with confirmed substance behind their sales that belong to the network of Global Trust Pharmacy or other similar e-stores where the low price you see is a result of a tremendous work, the markdowns offered by such upstart services are all for show.

The “side effect” of this discount is that a person can be hooked on bringing all his friends to buy remedies and receiving the bonuses. Unfortunately, the pharmacies do not share the information about the limit of such actions but for sure, there is a hidden pitfall connected, for example, with a particular number of friends. It means that you do not need to hope that all your classmates can come and order various drugs, and you will have a 400% discount. It does not work like this.

How does it work? Okay, you are a registered client of one online pharmacy. You should find a friend who will buy a drug for sure. After he selects any product, it is necessary to contact the customer support team and inform them that First Name Last Name is your friend, and you want to apply for a discount. A team, in turn, will check this information on validity, and a discount will be credited to your account. Use it with the next purchase or keep it until another one. But, again such discounts expire till the end of the year.

10% Discount for All the Assortment

This is another hook found mostly in every online pharmacy. Seasonally or yearly, such a promotion is a must to grab seekers’ attention. The practice shows that it cannot be applied to exclusive and very expensive remedies or brands. But, if there are only generic medications distributed with one vendor, probably all of them are applicable for this 10% off. Why are they helpful? Let’s imagine one person works in the call center, and he has a plan to call at least 100 people. So, he sits in the office until he accomplishes the target. The same goes for the online pharmacy, employees should, for example, sell 50 drugs today. How to do it better? Of course, set a discount and people if do not buy but at least think about such a purchase.

How does it work? Choose one remedy, or medicine box or whatever is interesting for you on the website, and click on buy. There should be a separate icon where it says you can choose 10% off, click it and get. Otherwise, the team adjusts directly the prices to such a discount, so there is nothing to do except following up with a purchase.

Coupon Codes

This approach is probably one of the most strange ones. For example, once you come across a website where there is news ticker showing unknown numbers and letters, it is probably the coupon code. All a person has to do is to copy it and indicate when purchasing a product. How does it work and how much a person may get is a secret. But as practice shows, there is no more than 20% off only. Otherwise, there is one more way. When online pharmacy promotes its services on the other websites, in the ads there may be indicators such as CLICK AND GET A COUPON FOR THE FIRST PURCHASE. But, again everything will depend on the pharmacy scale.

Free Shipping or Delivery

Nowadays, it is impossible to find a pharmacy that charges for the local delivery or shipping services. There are some fees only if turning to airmail or the delivery companies who do not work with one pharmacy but customers want them to bring their package. Such a trick is quite profitable for pharmacists, and you know why? They do not lose money, they gain more. When a person sees that Viagra costs 2$ per pill, and there is free delivery, he understands that he saves so much. But a pharmacy gains millions when thousands of people choose their service only because there are no fees for such activities. It is again a marketing hook.

Birthday Card and Holiday Card Coupons

This promotion applies only to the existing customers who have purchased in the last year. Usually, it is valid for up to 3 months after one holiday or birthday. How does it work? You will get a congratulation card where a coupon code is mentioned. Thus, it is possible to use it for any product.

Cyber Monday Deals

Monday is used as an example but when browsing the Internet, such promotions are the most commonly held this weekday. It has a very simple purpose, and why to call it cyber no one knows. Maybe, again to grab readers’ attention by extraordinary name. A person just visits an online pharmacy each Monday and get a massive discount for any product distributed with it. Otherwise, such Monday deals occur one time per month, or once in the quarter depending on the vendor.

10% for New Customers

And, last but not least, such a promotion works when a pharmacy thanks you for visiting them and buying a drug. It will give you 10% off for any product just to let you know how they value the affordability of medications, and how important to support the clients in treating disorders. A system will automatically identify if a person is a new customer and apply that 10 %.


The choice of promotions is tremendous. Thus, it is necessary to choose a reliable and trustful online pharmacy avoiding roguish websites. First off, read the feedback on each vendor, and try to find the real clients who regularly purchase the drugs. Then, check how the payment procedure and confidentiality works. The payment should occur on a separate page securing the credentials and personal data from public access. And, confidentiality means that any interaction with a company remains unknown again for the public. Then, of course, check the documentation and license to distribute the products. Fraudulent companies always fail to present them and use the trick claiming such documents are top secret information. Do not trust such vendors, choose proper discounts, and take care of your health.